The company

UVT is a global provider of ventilation, air purification, gas separation, and volatile organic compound (VOCs) treatment solutions and technology leaders. First-class R & D and innovation capabilities, manufacturing capabilities and customer service capabilities, and provide customers with sustainable products, services and turnkey projects.

UVT upholds the vision of "cleaner environment, better life", takes technology leadership as the core, pays attention to new technology research and development, and realizes effective management of gas quality. We have established partnerships with top research institutions to develop a series of air transportation, purification and separation equipment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) treatment systems and intelligent control systems to...

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Service Advantages

We always focus on service improvement and provide relevant support, spare parts and upgrading suggestions for the whole life cycle of the equipment.

Each UVT unit is backed by a commitment to reliable service, spare parts and technical support throughout its life cycle.

We see every contract as the beginning of lasting cooperation.